The Last Pay Phones In Manhattan Will Be Removed This Month

The Telephone Booth

NYC has undergone various changes in the past decade. From the implementation of Citi Bikes, Apple Pay on subways, and the shutting down of businesses not keeping up with our modern world, we are definitely seeing a more modern NYC. 

With so many people having cellphones, there is no longer a need for coin-operated pay phones. In fact, many pay phones have been replaced with "LinkNYC" Kiosks which provide WiFi and charging cables for phones. Although most pay phones have been removed from city streets, a few remain and New Yorkers have complained about them. A "Submit a Pay Phone Removal Request" has also been issued online! Most pay phones remain in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood in NYC. 

The New York City Council, CityBridge, and the NYC Department of Information, Technology, and Telecommunications have heard New York residents loud and clear and are working on getting rid of the remaining pay phones by the end of March. “Ninth Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen is one of the best spots in the City, but as everyone knows the sidewalks can be crowded and narrow at places,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson shared. 

Johnson emphasizes "removing these booths is a win for pedestrians who navigate these crowded blocks," and thanks local residents for bringing this matter to light. 

New York City will no longer look like it once did. Is this a good thing moving forward or should we keep "Old New York?" Comment below and let us know what you think! 

Photo: Getty

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