Group-Watch Netflix With Friends Using A New Chrome Extension

Need to quarantine and chill? How about doing it while every stays safely chilling in their own homes. You can now hang out with your friends virtually thanks to a new Chrome Extension called Netflix Party.

The app syncs up everyone's video with your friends so you can be watching at the exact same time as each other and chatting throughout the show. As the world is going into self-quarantine this is a great way to still bond over shows or movies and be social at the same time. You don't even have to leave your bed!

The app allows users to create their own 'party,' where you can select what you're watching and then share a link with anyone you would like to stream it with. You can now all find out who Joe is putting in his 'box' next, together!

You can re-watch your favorites plus other shows and movies dropping this month like Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 7 and After Life season 2! Check out the Netflix Party app here.

Photo: Netflix

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