Lobster Prices Have Dropped On Long Island As Restaurants Cut Back

Close-Up Of Orange Lobster Against White Background

It is being reported that the price for lobsters and other fish are decreasing significantly as markets see declines and restaurants are cutting back on orders. 

The most recent decision to limit restaurants to delivery or takeout service only has directly affected the wholesale fish market. This limitation has made one large East End fish seller to tell local fisherman to stop fishing altogether until demand begins to rise again. 

The wholesale price for lobsters, which is normally around $12 to $15 per pound this time of year, has now dropped to under $8 per pound. 

Lobster prices are not the only ones being affected, prices for other normally pricey fish such as tuna and swordfish are also decreasing. 

At Braun Seafood Co. in Cutchogue, manager Keith Reda told local baymen, "Don't go fishing. I don't need the stuff." 

Reda explained that he "totally understands" the limitations put on the state by the government, and agreed that we need to do everything we can to slow down the spread of the outbreak. 

Photo: Getty

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