Staten Island Couple Still Holds Wedding Amid Coronavirus 

Nothing could stop a Staten Island couple from tying the knot- not even the coronavirus

The couple got married Sunday, in front of nearly two dozen people, some of them elderly, at a local-Catholic church. The wedding of Irene Sanzone and John Fuchs' took place at Our Lady of Pity Church in Bulls Head, NY. 

As the wedding clearly violated dire government warnings and guidelines, the nuptials raised the wrath of the Archdiocese of New York, which oversees Staten Island's parishes. 

Archdiocese spokesman Joseph Zwilling voiced his concern and disappointment to the Post saying, "The wedding was not in keeping with archdiocesan guidelines and should not have been held." 

Just last week the CDC issued a guideline stating that Americans should not attend gatherings of 10 or more people because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. New York state soon after issued a state ban on "non-essential" public gatherings, which Governor Cuomo has described as a gathering of "any size for any reason." 

However, Governor Cuomo's office also stated that gatherings in churches are exempt- although it is highly encouraged that any kind of gatherings are limited to 10 people or less. 

The entire ceremony had about 20 to 25 people in attendance, and lasted under an hour. 

An Our Lady of Pity staffer defended the decision by saying, "[The archdiocese just minimized groups. They didn't give an exact number. There were maybe three people per pew. People are still being aware of it and distancing as much as possible."

However, Zwilling believes that, "In this particular case, a wedding should be postponed and not held during this time unless it is an emergency situation, and then only the bride, the groom, two witnesses, and the officiant [priest or deacon] present." 

New York State now has more coronavirus cases than any other state in the United States.

The bride and groom only offered f-bombs to a reporter after the service. 

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