NYC Distilleries Are Now Making Hand Sanitizer Along With Canned Cocktails

Distilleries have had to change their ways due to the new regulations in New York City because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While they can still sell alcohol to-go, they are also getting creative with their businesses and are now making hand-sanitizer, one of the many items that are hard to find now. 

A distillery located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Greenhook Gin, has announced that they are partnering with another local distillery, St. Agrestis to create hand sanitizer. The two distilleries are working together to deliver not only cocktails, but their house-made hand sanitizer.

Greenhook Gin took to instagram to announce the partnership. “If you’re in need of a drink and some sanitizer, Click the link in our bio. We have partnered with our friends @st_agrestis to begin making curbside deliveries of our gins and Gin & Tonic as well as St. Agrestis’s Negroni, Spritz, Amaro and Bitter…Every delivery comes with a FREE bottle of sanitizer that we have made in house and hope to be able to make much more of. Stay safe and keep spirits high.”

The orders for Greenhook Gin and St. Agrestis’ alcohol and free bottle of hand sanitizer can be placed online here. They deliver to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens, and they have a $50 minimum. 

An amazing perk with this is if you place the order before 3pm, it will be delivered the same day to your curbside. Any orders placed after 3 pm will be delivered the following business day, with the exception of Sundays. If you would rather place an order over the phone, you can call 973-598-5746.

Another place that has started to create their own hand sanitizer is another Brooklyn distillery, New York Distilling Company. The company stated “The demand for sanitary products, as you know, is high and only increasing. We will update our social channels if we ever reach a point where we can sell publicly.”

They are also in need of access to Hydrogen Peroxide and/or Glycerin. If you or anyone you know has access to either of these, you can let them know by DMing them on instagram (@nydistilling) or emailing

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