Strange Creature Or UFO Filmed From Window Of Airplane

When traveling by air, you are sure to see some interesting sights out the plane's window. From land formations thousands of feet below to all different shapes of clouds in the air - perhaps even another plane in the distance. However, what one person filmed during a trip from Phoenix to Portland is unlike anything ever seen before.

It was reportedly shot last year but only got posted recently. The video shows two long, dark objects in the sky next to the plane. They have tails or tentacles that extend behind them, and at one they point seem to merge into one figure. The entity then flips around in the air before the video ends.

As the object is unknown, it is technically a UFO, an unidentified flying object, but the person who posted the video and many commenters believe it is not an alien aircraft, rather it is some kind of previously undiscovered airborne creature. One person notes that new creatures are found daily, while someone else suggested that perhaps these animals are mating. Another referred to it as a "sky squid."

Other commenters point out that it is far too high for a kite or a drone, but skeptics are certain of what the "creature" is. One confidently stated, "Those are the contrails of a single, twin-engine ket aircraft in a shallow climb as it ascends above minimum contrail level. It's also just crossed underneath the flight path of the airliner from which the video was taken, at a right angle, left to right. It's not trailing black smoke, as contrails gray out when the sun is near the horizon or has just set. It's still interesting, though."

Meanwhile, another person wrote, "Not a plane, not a drone. And yes it’s possible something from another dimension slipped threw momentarily. Our reality is just that... ours. There are others. And we really have no idea where or what we’re living in. Once we can access and use 100% of our brain I think many things will be revealed."

The truth is out there

Photo: YouTube/The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

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