Madison Prewett Details What She's Looking For In Her Next Relationship

Bachelor fans fell in love with Peter Weber's contestant Madison Prewett. Everyone rooted for her after Weber proposed to final contestant Hannah Ann Sluss, then calling off the engagement to chase after Prewett. However two days after the After the Final Rose special, they both put out statements they were done.

Prewett recently told US Weekly exactly what she is hoping to find in her next partner. “I would say my No. 1 thing, obviously, would be faith for me,” Prewett continues, "That’s going to be something that’s a make or break.”

Since her time on the reality show, Prewett has been seen hanging out with Selena Gomez, taking over the TikTok world and now she is ready to team up with FaithSocial to launch a social media platform and new multimedia content to connect the world's Christian community.

“I am excited to be part of this online movement," said Madison Prewett, reality star and devout Christian. “There is no better time than now for Christians to come together and lean on one another for faith, hope, love, connectedness, activism and inspiration. FaithSocial is providing a welcoming home for all Christians to find each other across the globe, especially at a time when social distancing has kept everyone apart.”

FaithSocial is a community of all denominations and diverse beliefs, even non-Christians are invited to share, explore and experience. Among the features, FaithSocial features spiritual content from today's most influential pastors, influencers and churches including, Pastor Matthew Watley, Kingdom Fellowship AME church and Senior Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith, The House of Hope in Atlanta and Macon, Ga.

FaithSocial is ready to take on the role of the world's leading online Christian social platform. It will give you access to digital church services and today's Christian leaders. It will also offer an array of new sermons, uplifting messages as well as video messages from inspirational Christians.

“FaithSocial was born out of a desire to connect the world’s Christian community in an engaging and entertaining online platform which speaks to love, acceptance and tolerance,” said Mark NeJame, Founder and CEO, FaithSocial. “With five years of development and three years of buildout, we have created and are providing a safe, uplifting, positive, and loving forum for Christians across the world to come together to share, engage, teach, learn and connect.”

Stay tuned for more news from FaithSocial and join the conversation @faithsocial or their website.

Photo: ABC/TheBachelor

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