Demi Lovato Admits She's 'A Little Embarrassed' By Her Past Mistakes

Demi Lovato spoke about new music, mental health and her engagement to Max Ehrich during her latest Good Morning America interview.

On Wednesday (September 9), the pop star, 28, made a virtual appearance on the morning show to admit that she was prepared to jumpstart her comeback at the top of the COVID-19 lockdown. "I was so prepared to start my 'comeback,' release music that I hadn't released in years and talk about things that I've wanted to talk about for so long," the new Talkspace host told GMA’s Amy Robach, admitting that that initial months were "confusing."

Lovato's seventh studio album spawned lead single "I Love Me" in March, but the singer seemed in the dark when it comes to its release date. "I wish I had the secret date," she said. "I just genuinely don't know when it's gonna be done."

Among the topics that she's set on speaking about include her mental health struggle, which saw her endure a near-fatal overdose and hospitalization in July 2018. Asked if she felt ashamed of her illness, Lovato pushed back on the sentiment. "Not necessarily ashamed but maybe just a little embarrassed that I've gone through some of the things or made some of the choices that I've made," she admitted. "And I think that's natural for anybody that's made mistakes in their mental illnesses. But I also know part of getting rid of the stigma is spreading the awareness and talking about it."

Nonetheless, the former Disney alum is onto a new chapter, particularly in her personal life with Ehrich, but that doesn’t meant she's exempt from bad days. "I don't think that anybody can say that they've had a breezy time [during the pandemic]. I mean, I got engaged! Things have been going great in my personal life, but I still have had difficult times because that's the reality of life," she continued. "There's never been a more perfect person to step foot in my life, at such the perfect timing too, as well."

Photo: Getty Images