Z100 Cash Cam: The Drama, The Competitions And The Winner

Our first Z100 Cash Cam presented by Lincoln Tech was a season no one will forget. We started with 10 contestants in a Zoom room being broadcasted live on Facebook and our Twitch channel. The goal was to be the last person in the Zoom room to win $10,000.

One by one contestants lost competitions, were voted off by their friends or left on their own. There were tears, romance? and oven-mitts that our contestants will probably never use again.... Watch above to see all of the ups and downs plus the winner or the competition or read about the 5 days we spent on Zoom below!

Here is the day by day break out:

Day 1:

Deana (pronounced Deena) from Union New Jersey won our very first Prize of Challenge of the day, playing “Keep it Z100”, answering true or false answers about her fellow contestants, winning a Z100 Dollar Bill

Then Sean from Freehold NJ won our next Prize Challenge, “I Hope I Get To Eat This Cookie”. He was able to get a cookie from his forehead into his mouth without using his hands on his first try! Ariana from Long Island also got the cookie on her first try, but Sean was faster, so he brought home the Z100 Dollar Bill

Day 2:

Robyn Grabbed $100 playing our Jingle Ball Watch Party game

Genevieve won $100 in our Name that Tune Contest with Ava Max

Sean became caller 100 and snagged $100

Dixie D’Amelio dropped in to say high

Z100’s Metal Mood proved to be too much for Tattoo Bob who was eliminated.

Ariana, Joey, Taisha and Tattoo Bob have left the game

Day 3:

Ashley goes into day 4 with an elimination immunity.

Genevieve and Robyn Banks were eliminated in an emotional fashion.

G Eazy stopped by for a guess the song title competition

4 people left standing – Ashley, Deana, Sean and Kyle

Day 4:

Kyle was eliminated early on Thursday in the Before You Go (Stack These Cups) Challenge

Ashley won immunity for the elimination challenge during the Z100 Piece Puzzle Challenge

Deana narrowly beat Sean 7-6 in our final elimination challenge of the night. 

Day 5:

2 people left standing – Ashley, Deana

AJR come in to deliver the final competition to Ashley and Deana where they had to guess the song after a snippet of sound

One by one, eliminated players joined the room for a reunion

Maxwell came in and announced the winner as Ashley

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