Vinny & Pauly D Talk Revenge Prank + Staten Island & Vinny Stripping Again

Vinny and Pauly D of the Jersey Shore are on Zoom to talk to Garrett about 'Revenge Prank', Staten Island, Vinny stripping again and more!

"We took these pranks to the next level," Pauly D tells Garrett about the upcoming season of Revenge Prank, "I'm really excited about it." Vinny adds saying that during this pandemic he's, "glad that we're adding some mindless entertainment and between Jersey and Revenge Prank, just watch it and enjoy it!"

The guys do admit that they haven't thought about how they will record this show now, since this season was filmed before the pandemic.. However, Vinny does admit that they're "pretty crafty' and will surely think of something!

See the boys on Revenge Prank tomorrow, Thursday January 7th on MTV and watch their full interview with Garrett above!

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