Woman Explains How She Got Taylor Swift To Be Her Reference for ‘Dream Job’

A woman shared a story of how Taylor Swift became her reference for a job.

A woman named Jennifer responded to a TikTok challenge asking people to tell their nicest experience they had with a celebrity. Jennifer met Taylor Swift a couple times. She had worked on the website, Taylor Connect. During one of her times seeing Taylor backstage, Taylor asked her what was going on and Jennifer shared with Taylor she was in the final two for a job. Taylor asked her, how could she help? The job was in the music industry so Jennifer said, I mean if you wanna be my reference. Taylor Swift was her reference. Jennifer does not like to share the story because she does not like for it to seem like she wasn't qualified for the job. When she officially got hired, they told her they had already decided on her for the job before Taylor called.

Last time I saw Taylor was 2015, 1989 Tour, and we were lucky enough to go backstage and meet her after the show, we were all catching up and she asked me what was going on in my life..... At that point, I was in the final two for my dream internship, she asked me if there was anything she could do to help and I jokingly was like 'I mean if you wanna be my reference' because I'd been working on her website and the job was in the music industry. She very seriously said 'yeah' and her and her mum and her manager took down the details of my application and said they were going to call and be my reference.

Watch the video above to hear the full story from Jenni!

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