Is Olivia Rodrigo Pulling a Taylor Swift?

After much anticipation, and plenty of tears, Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut album 'SOUR' last Friday. The 11-song LP sent teenagers and adults alike into an emotional tailspin but it also got some fans thinking about what the future looks like for the 17-year-old pop star...specifically the next 7 months.

Its no secret that Taylor Swift is one of Olivia Rodrigo's idols -- she and close producer friend Jack Antonoff even have some writing credits on 'SOUR.' So when some Swifties noticed the possibility of some hidden easter eggs in Rodrigo's marketing, they got to work.

A TikTok posted earlier this week by user @gibbybender made the connection between Rodrigo's Sour Patch Kids partnership and the possibility of a second album coming later this year.

Now it might be a stretch, but does the connection to Sour Patch Kids -- whose slogan is "Sour, Then Sweet," point to a 'SWEET' album from Olivia? I don't know, but the idea that she still has so many unreleased songs is good news for us either way!

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