BTS Reveal They Have Gotten Closer During The Pandemic

Fresh off the release of their new single Butter, BTS joins Maxwell on-air to talk all about the new single as well as their goals and growing closer as a group!

"We are very happy that, in fact, Butter has been melting into all ARMY’s hearts," and it truly has after the song went No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. But what is the main goal for the group? "Our goal is to have an in-person concert and see ARMY as soon as we can." After confessing they still love performing music more than ever, they are ready for their virtual concerts to become in-person.

During the pandemic, BTS has done a lot including the release of their hit song Dynamite and getting a GRAMMY nomination! "If there was no pandemic we would not have Dynamite.We worked together a lot more than we used to....And during the whole process we had more time to stay together because we had more free time." BTS has gotten even closer since the pandemic and we are forever grateful for that!

Watch BTS entire interview with Maxwell above!

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