Are Boiled Lettuce Leaves The New Sleeping Pill?

Its a new day and there's a new TikTok hack to help improve your life. Though, most TikTok hacks are pretty useless (see literally any weight loss/fitness video ever), this one actually has some science to back it up.

TikToker @shapla_11 claims that a pre-bed time cocktail of boiled lettuce water helps cure restlessness, gets you drowsy, and sends you off into the sleepiest of sleeps. This replacement for the old school warm glass of milk requires the most basic of prep. Boil water, put lettuce in cup, let it "steep," remove lettuce, enjoy!

Although groundbreaking, its not the first time this trick has been used. Studies from 2013 explain how natural chemicals found in lettuce, especially romaine, called lactucarium help induce sleep and reduce pain. "Lettuce and lettuce seed oil has been found to help treat insomnia with some people claiming that lettuce has a mild sedative-hypnotic effect," the study says.

Will I be trying this? Maybe. I've still got a bottle full of melatonin under the bathroom sink and you can't convince me that Lettuce Tea tastes any good.

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