Things In Your House That You've Definitely Never Cleaned

The American Cleaning Institute 2019 National Cleaning Survey showed that lots of us are not even thinking about cleaning some important things in our houses. One of the most shocking being your washing machine. Who thought that the thing that cleans other things would need to be cleaned, right? See: this TikTok about cleaning your washing machine filter.

One in five people can't remember the last time they cleaned their washing machine and experts say that we should be doing it at least once a month. Courtenay Hartford is a cleaning expert and the author of Cleaning Ninja and she says, "Cleaning your washer should be viewed as more of a preventative measure than as something that you do to fix a problem once it arises."

Skipping a wash cycle for your t-shirt cleaner could affect how the machine runs and allow residue and minerals from the water to build up and develop some serious bacterial growth.

Other than forgetting to clean the SpeedQueen, this many people can't remember the last time they cleaned...

Guest Bathroom Toilet: 16%

Bed Linens: 23%

Refrigerators: 41%

Ovens: 47%

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