Polo G Speaks On Filming The Music Video for 'GANG GANG' With Lil Wayne

Polo G joins Josh Martinez in the studio to talk about his album 'Hall Of Fame' dropping, the music video for GANG GANG with Lil Wayne + more!

"I got a stronger foundation, a stronger fan base, i got a lot more people trolls and hating, that's support too..." Polo G tells Josh in the studio. With his new album released today, June 11th, there has to be one song that speaks to Polo G more than the others... Maybe it's not going to be a radio single, but it's on there and he's proud of it. "Bloody Canvas," Polo G tells Josh, "is a story song." The last song on the album took Polo G four days to record! "I took my time with it," he says.

That's not all, Polo G also describes shooting the music video for GANG GANG with the legendary Lil Wayne. "It's really like a surreal moment," Polo G says, "During the shoot we were just doing our thing and when i got home I was like 'damn I just shot a video with Lil Wayne'"

Watch Polo G's entire interview with Josh Martinez above and be sure to check out his new album 'Hall Of Fame' out now!

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