How You Can Support This Girl Scout Troop That Helps Girls In NYC Shelters

Its always a bummer when #GirlScoutCookieSzn comes to an end, especially if you procrastinated for too long and didn't get to partake in the cookie-fueled joy. This past year, the Girl Scouts made it even easier to purchase their sweets and contribute to the growth and development of members across the country by focusing their sales primarily on e-commerce -- and TBH they did it even better than most legit companies.

Even though the girls hustled this year, the org was left with a surplus of cookie boxes. Not because the cookies were any less popular than previous years, but because troops couldn't supplement online sales with in person shops.

So...there's only one thing to I have to say it? *buy the surplus cookies*

The Girl Scouts are stuck with almost 15 million extra boxes of our faves, so break out those wallets! You can enter your Zip Code here to find cookies near you.

Don't want any cookies, donate to a troop instead! Troop 6000 in NYC is a Girl Scout program designed specifically to support girls in the NYC shelter system.

Troop 6000 is a Girl Scout troop specially designed by Girl Scouts of Greater New York to serve the thousands of girls living in the New York City shelter system. Each week, Troop 6000 meets in shelters across the city, led by trained troop leaders – women also living in the shelter system paired with community-based volunteers.

There are over 70,000 people currently living in shelters in New York City, 23,000 of them are under 18 and 12,000 are girls. You can donate to Troop 6000 here.

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