HBOMax Accidentally Sent Out a Weird Email To A Bunch of Subscribers

Most of us don't pay any attention to the marketing emails we get in our inbox and if you're anything like me you practice the morning routine of selecting everything in your inbox and tapping "Mark as Read" just to get rid of that notification badge.

But a few (thousands, I'm sure) of people actually do pay attention to those emails and something...interesting, from HBO caught their eye this week.

Weird, right? Some people thought it could be an incredibly cryptic (and low budget) promo for a new HBO series but, @HBOMaxHelp quickly hopped on to clear the air.

I'm sending thoughts and prayers to that intern because I know what it feels like! My first day interning with Elvis Duran I put through one of the worst callers ever and I will never forget how much I wanted to crawl into a hole and cry.

The rest of Twitter knows how it feels too and they're also sending well-wishes to said intern, and some of them are very funny.

And for those us that didn't get this email, feeling a little bit of FOMO!

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