7 Things To Avoid As You Head Back To The Airport This Summer

As we all excitedly head out on domestic and international trips this summer there's a few things that we should probably still try to avoid when flying. Thanks to advanced air filtration systems and enhanced cleaning practices, your chance COVID exposure on airplanes is actually relatively low, the same can't be said for airports though.

Turns out, we're all still pretty nasty and just leaving germs everywhere we go. Even though the best way to protect yourself against COVID-19 and new variants of the disease is by getting vaccinated, experts have released a list of the places and things within airports that we should steer clear of when flying this summer.

1. Chair Armrests

A 2018 study found that these are actually the germiest places in an airport. Touched all the time but very rarely cleaned. If you wanna sit, wipe the armrest down or stand. Just don't sit on the floor, those are dirty too.

2. Handrails (obvi)

Honestly, we shouldn't even have to discuss this. Pre-COVID or post-COVID never trust a handrail. Sometimes you gotta keep from falling, so if you must use a handrail, carry some hand sanitizer for the after party.

3. Kiosk Touchscreens

Just check-in on your phone. Why are you even at those kiosks anyway?

4. Security Bins

One test of security bins at an airport found a high enough level of fecal matter to make people sick. Although hard to avoid during security screening, steer clear if you can.

5. Water Fountains

I'd be scared of every aspect of a water fountain but experts say we should be most cautious of the buttons. If you happen to find one that isn't roped off and you gotta refill that water bottle, try hitting that button with your elbow instead.

6. Bathroom Surfaces

Think of how many people use the bathroom in airport in just one hour. Even though we're already on guard RE: germs while in public restrooms, we should be even more so in airports. Remember to wash ya damn hands and avoid touching your face.

7. Crowds

Its still the golden rule! Avoid crowds, people are traveling from all around the country. Keep your distance and avoid close contact whenever you can to protect yourself and others!

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