If You See These Red Flags In A Job Posting, Don't Apply!

Lots of employees had realizations while working from home that putting ever second of their lives in to their work maybe wasn't all it cracked up to be! This shift in mindset caused what some are calling a "resignation wave," where people from all around the country are leaving their current jobs in search of something better suited for their new lifestyle. From retail to food service to even office jobs, employers are hiring like crazy this summer, so here are a few things that community members say that if you see in a job posting, RUN!

Buzzwords. Is the job description just a bunch of business jargon? If so, then you're not really getting the full picture of your responsibilities (and might never really get it).

Where's the salary? If you can't tell from the get go how much you'll be making, turn the other way!

"Schedule TBD." Get out!!!!! No way.

Read the extensive list of work-related red flags on Buzzfeed.

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