Renters Are Sharing Stories From Their Nightmare Landlords

If you've ever rented an apartment, house, bedroom, or any space that didn't qualify as "new construction" or was maybe just a little on the older side, you're definitely familiar with the common marking of a lazy landlord -- paint on everything.

One tenant moves out and before the new one can move in, the unit needs a fresh coat. But only if it can be done quickly, so the quick solve is to just paint over literally anything that's in the way.

Usually it isn't too bad, maybe a light switch or two covered up or a power outlet that needs a new faceplate. But it gets worse. Much worse.

Twitter user @DoctorMacArthur shared a photo of some painted-over utilities in his apartment and inadvertently started a thread of every renter whose gone through the same thing.

Landlord To-Do List: ✅ Paint walls ✅ Paint outlets ✅ Paint cans of peas

Okay, but what if I wanted those glow in the dark stickies?

What color shall we paint the tub?

Girl, imagine the smell.

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