Paris Hilton's Chaotic Lasagna Video Scores Her A Netflix Deal

If there's anything we've learned from the last year and a half it's that success can be born out of even the strangest situations. While Paris Hilton is already pretty successful, she's got another line to add to her resume thanks to a viral video.

Pre-pandemic in January 2020, Paris posted truly one of the most chaotic and iconic videos to grace the internet. A 16-minute kind-of-tutorial on how to make lasagna.

This video has everything: finger gloves, a pan full of meat, SO much cheese, and fingerless gloves.

What was just some regular content for her YouTube channel (that has over 1M subscribers), turned into something much bigger. The video has over 5 million views and has scored Paris a series bearing the same name, Cooking with Paris.

While she's never had a cooking show, she's definitely no stranger to the reality side of TV. The new series debuts August 4 on Netflix.

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