The Moon Is Wobbling and Its Not Going To End Well


Photo: Getty Images

NASA is warning us of a shift in the moon's orbit that has the potential to create some massive destruction here on Earth within the next decade or so.

The so-called 'wobble' in the moon's orbit takes around 18 1/2 years to complete. Half of that time the tides on Earth are suppressed, so high tide is lower than normal and low tide is higher than normal. The other half of the time, the tides are amplified -- low is lower than normal and high is higher than normal. This starts to spell disaster when you combine the amplified tides with the fact that tides are already rising from climate change.

The moon's 'wobble' was first recorded in 1728 and the next one is expected to happen in mid-2030. By then, sea-levels will have risen so high that we'll pass a tipping point and there will be a leap in floods on coastlines all around the world.

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