Lil Nas X Had To 'Get Used To' Being Able To Make Music How He Wanted To

Lil Nas X joins Maxwell and Crystal to talk all about being creative, his social media presence and new music!

Lil Nas X reveals to the show that "I finally got used to the idea that I can do whatever I want to creatively and the right people are going to find it." Lil Nas X continues, "Moving forward that's always how i'm going to think about it."

Lil Nas X also tells the show that as far as his social media commentary and his 'trolling' he was at one time inspired by "69 in the past before."

Lil Nas X may have an album coming but for now you can hear his two songs Montero (Call Me By Your Name) and Sun Goes Down now! Plus watch his interview with Maxwell and Crystal above!

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