American Kids Are Speaking With British Accents Thanks To This Cartoon

For anyone who's ever been envious of accents from around the world, there might be an easy way for you to start speaking like a Brit! The "Peppa Pig Effect" has been leading American kids to mimic the sounds and vocabulary from the popular cartoon and its, like, widespread.

The phenomenon garnered its own hashtag on Twitter #PeppaEffect and parents from all over are dropping in to share just how posh their kids have gotten.

@onnie46 described how her daughter's vocabulary has gone full Brit:

my daughter commonly uses words and phrases like 'sat nav, petrol, can i have a go?' etc. and for Christmas i had to put out a freaking mince pie for father christmas or as we call him here in the states...santa

“On a recent VACATION, my 5-year-old dared tell me that she was loving her HOLIDAY,” California resident Matias Cavallin said on Twitter. “I told her we speak American in this house … and Spanish too.”

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