This Couple Was Sued For Defamation After Leaving A Bad Business Review

One thing that's definitely not cool is leaving poor reviews for local or small businesses when its unwarranted. Even though the saying goes, "the customer is always right," most of the time the customer isn't!

But in this case, it seems like the customer is 100% right.

A couple from Vancouver, Washington is being sued by a roofing company after they left a negative 1-star review on Google. They had called for an estimate and timeline on repairs for a leak in their roof and claim to have been treated poorly by the saleswoman on each call.

After leaving a poor review and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, they received threatening calls and text messages from the owner of the roofing company telling them to take the comment down before "more damages are done."

The couple also reports that the owner told them "he would gladly spend a hundred thousand dollars suing me."

It didn't stop there though, at the end of last month the couple was served with a $112,000 defamation lawsuit.

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