This Mom Admitted That She Thinks Her Kid Is Straight Up Boring

A mom in the UK took to a message forum for moms to explain how she has trouble relating to her 9-year-old and is starting to find her boring! She was looking for help from some other moms as she detailed that she just can't seem to get herself really engaged with her child's interests and it was starting to make her feel like she was doing something wrong as a parent.

"This is going to sound awful so please no hate, but I just don't know how to engage more with my 9-year-old. I find myself struggling to make conversation, and just generally being a relaxed, normal parent"

Lots of fellow moms came to the rescue to let her know that she wasn't alone and to offer some tips.

One commenter said "I often find myself nodding along to what he tells me when I’m not really that interested . I know that sounds awful but as long as my son sees me listening and being supportive then we’re both happy."

Some people pointed out that parenthood is actually pretty boring. The things your kid wants to talk about are usually pretty boring, especially for an adult, and most of the time just pretending to be interested is enough.

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