This Guy's Neighbor Left Him A Note To Keep Playing His Loud Music

Usually playing music at any volume in an apartment complex is nothing but bad news, but for this guy in the UK it was the exact opposite.

Binh Cao received a letter under his door from one of his neighbors about the music he was playing, but instead of an angry, passive aggressive note it was some words of encouragement to play the music louder!

The letter from the neighbor reads

Dear neighbour, I live next door and I would like to discuss your music. 1) Turn it the f*** up. I’m not joking. You play good s***. 2) Tell me what songs you’re playing. I need that s*** for my playlist. 3) I’m not being ironic or anything, I’ve really enjoyed the music you’ve played since you moved in. Sincerely, Todd. (The male part of the couple next door). Send me some songs!

Binh responded by delivering on his neighbor's request and made a 100 song playlist called "Dear neighbor." After the story gained traction on Twitter, Binh's playlist has garnered over 33,000 likes on Spotify.

Listen to it here!

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