Research Shows That Penguins Could Actually Be Aliens

We all expect aliens to look a certain way. Tall, lanky, big head, green, right? But what if they looked like an animal that already exists on this planet?

Scientists have made an interesting chemical discovery that could imply that penguins are extraterrestrial beings that original from Venus.

What's the discovery? Well, experts have found traces of a chemical called phosphine in penguins poop and the only other place that chemical is found is 38 million miles away...on Venus.

One of the researchers, Dave Clements says, "We've reprocessed the data and we're pretty convinced that the phosphine finding is real, but we don't know what's making it. It’s very hard to measure and study because if you let oxygen in, it destroys it. We would really like to study the penguin guano to understand the biology, but it's quite hard for astronomers to get a grant proposal to go and play with penguins, so we're trying to navigate through interdisciplinary fields."

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