These "Glamping" NYC AirBnB Campers Just Got Impounded

Have you ever perused the "unique stays" section of AirBnB? If not, you totally should. Its full of cute little non-traditional places available to rent for trips abroad or local getaways, including this NYC "glamping" opportunity that actually turned out to be highly illegal.

In now removed postings on the rental site, 7 vans were being offered to NYC tourists at around $100 per night as a "cut-rate" glamping experience. So yeah, vans that people could park on the side of city streets and sleep in while they visited. One of the many red flags though: the ad stated "Restrooms, shower, and lockers are available at a public pool nearby."

Turns out, all 7 of these vans were illegally documented. An NYPD parking enforcement officer got suspicious when they noticed an expired tag from...wait for it...the year 2000.

NYPD impounded all 7 vehicles last week. Read more here.

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