Learn How A Mental Health Journey Is Not Linear In 'Closer To Fine' Podcast

The 'Closer To Fine' podcast, now available on iHeartRadio is a phone call between friends that are each on their own mental health journeys.

Right off the bat you are introduced to host Mary Katherine Backstorm, and immediately feel safe as she reveals some of the struggles of her own journey. "The concept that a mental health journey isn't linear," is one of the main takeaways from the show's first podcast titled, 'Peaks And Valleys.'

Just as one may go through when they leave one therapist and start over with another, everyone has their spiel on their journey. Backstorm immediately shares with her listeners that her therapist is actually changing her diagnosis from Bipolar II to ADHD with depressive disorder. "I felt like I worked so hard to uncover this magical thing and could work on fixing it," Backstorm tells friend Sara Farrell Baker that now she feels like she has to restart.

The episode continues as the two friends discuss strange moments in their mental health journeys and where they felt like they plateaued. However there can always be a new starting point for getting better.

Make sure to follow along their journeys in episodes already available on iHeartRadio like one discussing diet culture and boundaries.

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