Shawn Mendes Is Leaning In To The "Its Giving Cher" Meme

A video from the Met Gala a few weeks ago has gone viral and Shawn Mendes is right at the center of it.

Vogue captured the moment Shawn commented on Camila Cabello's ensemble as she put the finishing touches on her look and the line he delivered spread like wildfire.

"Its giving...its giving Cher," instantly became a meme that even Lizzo took part in. She shared a photo of her next to Shawn at the gala with the caption "I'M ALWAYS GIVING CHER, HOE!"

Now, Shawn is leaning in to it. TikToker Connor Wood joked about the viral comment in a video posted on October 4th. Shawn is behind him drinking a beer and Wood comments "Nice beer, it's almost giving...share."

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