Weather, But Make It ~Fun~ This Viral Twitter Account Is Doing Just That

Wake up, unlock phone, check to see if it's a Bones or No Bones day, and then check your weather app. That's the morning routine! Not anymore. This Twitter account is going viral for its hot takes and quick witted weather reports.

@NYMetroWX has amassed over 26,000 followers and is popular for its plain english, easily digestible take on daily weather events in the New York Metro area.

We get straight forward updates about the day's forecast along with something you won't get from a cable news show...a good ol' scale-of-ten rating for the day ahead!

Run by John Homenuk, Steve Copertino, and Miguel Pierre, the account also delivers the occasional weather meme as a little something to ~take the edge off~

And for the person who takes weather chat a little more seriously than everyone else, see the weekly Weather Mailbag! The accounts creators (and meteorologists) answer Twitter's pressing questions about NYC weather.

New York Metro Weather is one of Twitter dot com's hidden gems and should be appreciated as such 😌

Chuck them a follow, you won't be disappointed.

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