Noodle The Pug Is Going Viral for 'Bones or No Bones' Days

Noodle the Pug, and his owner Jonathan Graziano, have taken over the internet in recent days with their daily game and overall-vibe-forecast "No Bones."

Noodle is Graziano's 13 year old adopted pug who, ever since he was adopted at 7 1/2 years old, will flat out not stand up if he's not feeling it. Graziano told Mashable:

We learned very quickly that any time of day, but especially in the mornings, if he doesn't want to get up he won't. He will literally surrender himself to dead weight and the gravity.

Most mornings Jonathan posts to his TikTok account @jongraz to check if its a Bones Day. He sets Noodle up in the sitting position on his bed and if Noodle holds himself up, its a Bones Day. If he gives in and slumps back down, its a No Bones Day.

Turns out, the whole Bones Day vs. No Bones Day wasn't even Graziano's idea. He just started posting these videos and the internet turned it in to a forecast for how the day will go.

I swear to god people just started commenting saying like "Oh my god it is a bones day I am going to have a great day today," or to the no bones day, "Oh my gosh I really needed a bones day, I can't get married on a no bones day." People started commenting that this was more accurate than their horoscope and than their local weatherman. Literally the internet made this a thing. The internet decided that this pug was the oracle.

As for Noodle, he's become a regular celebrity. Graziano says that recently he can't take Noodle for a walk without a few people noticing them.

It's such a thrill to get to share this silly, little dog with people. Noodle is the joy of my life and to get to share with people is amazing. He's friendly. He screams at people when he wants them to say hi.

[h/t Mashable]

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