This Teenager Stopped A Robbery In The Most Calm Way

An 18 year old cashier in Adelaide, Australia put on the best display of what it means to be an unbothered teenager when the gas station she was working in got robbed...or at least a robbery was...attempted.

Security video from the shop shows a man entering the store and walking up and down aisles before he approaches the girl behind the counter. According to her story the man said "can I have $500, I'm broke. I'm not going to hurt you, I'm not going to touch you, I have a gun in my bag."

Sophie, the attendant working the register, calmly responded, "could you just go to the petrol station up the road?"

Apparently her unbothered attitude worked, because the would-be robber casually walked out of the store and disappeared up the road.

After the man left, Sophie said she locked the doors to the store and called police who eventually caught the man a few hours later.

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