Hangover Life Saver: 7 Foods To Cure Your Upset Stomach

Picture this: its Sunday morning. You wake up (in your bed or someone else's, doesn't matter), and you've got that feeling that you know all too well. Miss Hangover has arrived and she is not messing around.

While the migraine and overall body aches might not be as easily cured, these foods are perfect for calming an upset stomach after a wild night out.

  1. Eggs - help get rid of the toxins that cause hangovers in the first place, also might actually get rid of that headache too!
  2. Whole Grain Toast - good source of bland calories that will get your stomach back on track.
  3. Chicken Noodle Soup - not a good breakfast, but if you wake up between Noon and 3pm this could work!
  4. Sweet Potatoes - not greasy sweet potato fries, just straight up sweet potatoes -- chopped with some olive oil
  5. Lemons - you don't to eat them like oranges, but definitely consider loading up your water with lemon juice as you rehydrate
  6. Hummus & Crackers - the chickpeas from the hummus will support your metabolism and the crackers work just like toast!
  7. Oats - whip up a hot, steaming bowl of oatmeal (adding fruit helps too!)

More great tips on nursing that hangover here!

You're welcome in advance!

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