This Guy Sent His Date An 'Exit Survey' To Rate Their Night Out

I've been wanting to do something like this forever but never had the wherewithal to actually put it together. This guy in the UK put together surveys via Google Forms to help plan and recap dates that he takes girls on.

One of his dates, Katrina, detailed the experience on her TikTok and honestly...its so thorough?????

The pre-date survey starts off with a welcome message, "You've agreed to go out on a date with Graham, congratulations!" According to Katrina, he offered a variety of styles of dates and provided some questions about preferences around food, level of fancy, and even start times.

Katrina reported that the date went very well, but she was surprised to receive another survey afterwards. This time it was an "Exit Survey."

"In the interest of professionalism and and giving dating the structure and administrative bureaucracy it has always deserved. Graham has requested you fill out this optional exit survey. On a scale of Awkward to Charming how would you rate Graham's performance?"

The responses in Katrina's comment section were overwhelmingly positive to be honest. "If I'm not getting a Google Form from my next date, I don't want it," said one person. Another confirmed, "This. This is a GREEN flag."

Get the full story plus screenshots here.

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