This Guy Was Making Fun of His Date...To His Date

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We've all done it: you take a screenshot of a message and send it right back to the person the screenshot is of instead of the person it was intended for. It's humiliating and makes you want to crawl in to a hole and never come out...which is probably exactly how this guy felt.

TikToker @ohmeagzing had this exact thing happen to her...from the guy she had a date with on Hinge.

She posted a video detailing the exchange where the guy she made plans with intended to send a snap of her profile to a pal, but instead sent it right back to her. The worst part? He didn't have nice things to say.

my date tmrw 😂 and do not laugh. she's nice and got jokes but defiantly blah.

Worth noting that he spelled "definitely" wrong.

Watch the whole thing below.

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