AJR On The 'Pure Joy' Of Playing Their Hometown JingleBall

The Met brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan of AJR have always juggled multiple projects and obligations, in addition writing, producing and touring.

Somehow they continue to make it all work, and of course they couldn't pass up a chance to play Madison Square Garden for the first time at Z100's Jingle Ball.

The brothers caught up with Medha Gandhi and Danielle Monaro backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge to share their feelings on the holidays and their hometown Jingle Ball performance.

"We've been on tour back in September, then we have it again next year. [Tonight] we have only a 20-minute set, so we've kind of condensed the moments into 20 minutes — all the hits and the highlights," Jack said. "And also just pure joy, because we grew up in New York, we've never played MSG. We grew up 10 blocks downtown."

Beyond cramming so many highlights into a short set, the brothers were certain they'd be able to take a moment to just enjoy the feeling of playing to a sold-out Madison Square Garden. If Adam could find the time to complete his PhD this year, they said they could figure it out.

"If you care enough about something, you will make the time for it," he laughed.

Check out the full conversation above!

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