Jonas Brothers On How They Keep Their Three Families Close For Christmas

Every family, as it grows, faces the challenge of changing holiday traditions.

For the Jonas Brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick — the first time they played Z100 JingleBall, they went back home for Christmas with their family. Nowadays, all three brothers are married with other families to worry about, too.

Speaking to Elvis Duran backstage at the Mercedes-Benz Interview Lounge, the Jonases confirmed that it's impossible to get everyone at the same place at the same time, so they make do.

"When we finish these couple shows for the JingleBalls, we will all be going different places, but we're having our Jonas family Christmas a little early, which is very exciting," Kevin said.

In 2022, the Jonas Brothers are angling to make up tour dates in Canada and Mexico that they couldn't pull off this year.

"Also, we want to get back in and do some writing together," Nick added. "The last album was the Happiness Begins album, back in 2018 or '19, so it's been a while already. We're eager to get back and make some more music."

Check out the full interview via the player above!

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