Wordle Might Cost You A Monthly Fee Soon, Here's Why


Photo: Getty Images

Its honestly been hard to avoid the daily posts about the viral new crossword-like game Wordle. There's bound to be at least one person on your Facebook or Twitter feed posting something that looks like this every morning:

The game has gone so viral that it's already been meme'd by Twitter users and brands alike.

But soon you might have to shell out some monthly fees to play the popular game. Wordle was purchased from its original creator, Josh Wardle, by the New York Times.

Rumor has it the publishing company purchased the game for a "low seven figures" as part of its strategy to expand digital gaming and grow subscriptions by 2025. The issue now is that NYT has a terrible habit of locking content behind paywalls, basically requiring a New York Times subscription to access certain content and features they provide.

While NYT says that the game will remain free to current and new users for now, there's no promises being made about the future.

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