Nicki Minaj Reveals Why She Will Not Be Doing A Song With The City Girls

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Nicki Minaj has been interacting with fans all week long, ahead of the release for her new single "Do We Have A Problem" featuring Lil Baby. During a radio interview on Tuesday, the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap opened up about her new music and collaborating with other artists. However, when it came to the City Girls, Nicki says that it's unlikely she'll work with the Florida duo over previous comments that JT and Yung Miami made about her online. The Barb shared:

"And the thing is whenever you post something on the internet it’s there forever, whenever you say something in an interview, it’s there forever. So as an artist and a human being first, if I, as a regular human, was about to go to dinner with you tonight and then I get something that says, ‘Yo, she don’t really **** with you like that, she was saying this and she don’t really like you, and she said she hopes you actually never pop or never flourish’… I’m not going out to dinner with you anymore because now I know that I like you but you really don’t like me.”

The diamond record holder added:

"That’s just a human way to feel, if you hear somebody was saying things about you — not just one thing — but repeated things, repeated tweets for years, not just one thing … It’s let go. It’s let’s go, but it’s about, why would I work with somebody who doesn’t like me?”

Nicki's comments come just months after JT shared that she and Yung Miami hope to work with Nicki one day, despite rumors of a beef. The City Girl told GQ back in August:

"We’re hoping for it in the future, seriously. A lot of people try to make fun of it, like, ‘Ahhh, you’re never going to get your feature’ but you never know what can happen.”

Nicki does however plan to collab with another Quality Control member, Lil Baby, who is featured on her single "Do We Have A Problem" dropping this Friday.

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