Art or Fart? A Pure Gold Cube Is On Display In Central Park

Artist Niclas Castello Unveils His New Piece "The Castello CUBE" In Central Park

Photo: Getty Images

Art or Fart? German artist Niclas Castello designed the pure gold cube that's appeared in Central Park this week.

Named "The Castello CUBE," the installation weighs in at 410 pounds and even has its own security team standing by.

The cube was constructed at a foundry in Switzerland where the gold was melted down at over 2,000 degrees. The box is about a foot and a half on each side and is hollow on the inside. Each wall is about an inch and a half thick.

“[The work] is a conceptual work of art in all its facets.” He said the idea was to “create something that is beyond our world — that is intangible,” Castello told ArtNews in a statement.

The artist is also launching a cryptocurrency called Castello Coin and an NFT auction is scheduled for later this month.

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