Not Answering Your Phone Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

Unknown caller. A man holds a phone in his hand and thinks to end the call. Incoming from an unknown number at night. Incognito or anonymous

Photo: Getty Images

Time to stop getting so crabby about taking phone calls, especially from unknown numbers! It's not unusual for us to ignore numbers we don't recognize but that hard-lined rule an Australian woman had about phone calls she received almost cost her $50,000!

She had ignored the unknown number (and some emails, too) for "several days" before she remembered she had bought a lottery ticket. After logging into her lottery account and seeing that she won, she realized the emails she was getting weren't the practical joke she had assumed they were.

Thanks to a stroke of luck she's got $50,000 in winnings headed her way and hopefully a lesson learned in answering your phone when someone calls!

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