This Twitter Account Is Exposing Brands for Their Gender Pay Gaps

The world celebrated International Women's Day on Tuesday, March 8th this year and if you participated in The Internet™ for even just a few minutes you saw lots of brands doing the absolute most to show just how much they celebrate women.

In theory, a great idea! In practice, not the best...especially if the brand doesn't actually value women as much as they say they do. Enter: @PayGapApp, or Gender Pay Gap Bot.

A Twitter account set up to call out brands for the disparities in pay between men and women among their staff.

The account was created by users @franwritescopy and @alifensome and has been bringing nothing but chaos to the timeline since it started.

The quote tweets even caused some brands to deleted their IWD tweets out of embarrassment.

Hopefully this was a lesson learned for these brands to correct the way they compensate their employees!

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