Creepy Video Shows Scary Alarms Going Off In NYC Subway Station

TikTok user @nolanplaysttv posted a video on March 16th where you can hear the creepiest of alarms going off in the Astor Place subway station.

Nolan seems to be walking down the platform alone as various alarms are going off in the station and a screen displaying train times glitches.

While most people in the comments were questioning how he could be walking around so calmly while that was happening, a few pointed out that this could have something to do with a train that supposedly time travels called SCP-052.

Its a conspiracy theory concocted by creative writers online, but when you read it after watching this video it makes it 100x creepier.

SCP-052 is a type R4 New York City subway train. Official records indicate this train was built in 1932 and decommissioned for scrap in 1975. Nevertheless, it continues to appear on the Uptown A/D track at the 59th St. and 8th Avenue station at 11:57 p.m. every Saturday. The train is in perfect condition and labeled as an “A” train. SCP-052 appears at the designated time, opens its doors to accept/discharge passengers for approximately five minutes, then closes its doors and disappears. It does not appear to ever contain passengers, except for those leaving the train during its appearance. The majority of subjects that have boarded SCP-052 have not been recovered. Passengers leaving SCP-052 claim to have boarded on various dates, from 1976, up to 2204; the latter claims he thought SCP-052 was a 300th Anniversary Special train. Subjects retain no knowledge of time on board.

So what do you think? Conspiracy or real?

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