Napping A Lot? Always Tired? It Could Be An Incurable Condition

Cute young man sleeping on bed

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23 year old Helena Smythe has a condition called Hypersomnia, also known as Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), where she has an insatiable need for sleep.

Even though its not life threatening, it could very well ruin the lives of people diagnosed.

Smythe says,

I have to nap every day, and 20 minutes or half an hour is not enough. It needs to be two or three hours at a time. The main symptom is that I feel excessively sleepy in the day, no matter how much sleep I get at night or how long I sleep for.

She's been living with the condition since she was 12 and its caused her to miss out on school and have to cancel tons of social events.

Luckily since she's participating in a sleep study doctors have been able to prescribe medication that helps alleviate her symptoms, though it hasn't completely solved the problem.

So what do you think? Do you have ESD or are you maybe just a sleepy little human?

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