Follow Along As This Woman Walks 3,200 Miles Cross Country

Low Section Of People Walking On Street City

Photo: Getty Images

We've all been there, the day gets the best of you and you've gotta go out for an evening stroll (maybe even a lunch time stroll, no judgement!). Well a woman from Maine is taking her daily walk to the next level, the extreme actually.

Margaret Carrie has decided that she's walking across the country, 3,200 miles, to "get away from the chaos of life."

She told CBS that once she got the idea she couldn't stop thinking about it, so off she went!

No charity, no frills, no crazy social media challenge, she just wanted to get away from life and reconnect with herself. Even if it "sounds hokey," in her words.

You can follow along on her journey as she completes roughly 15 miles per day on Instagram @MargaretAcrossAmerica. Maybe she'll inspire you too!

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