This New Dating Phenomenon Could Be The Answer To Your Ghosting Problems

African American woman waiting for date

Photo: Getty Images

There's a new dating trend emerging among singles recently and it could be the answer you're looking for if you've been ghosted or left in the dust by a date recently.

The dating site Plenty of Fish is calling it "hesidating," a growing trend where people feel "indifferent about dating." Have you been stuck between dating seriously or just having casual fun? You could be hesidating!

Hesitant about committing because of all the uncertainty around us. Around 70% of singles say they feel this way lately.

As explained by therapist Stephanie Macadaan, "the last few years have been full of uncertainty, and for people who may already feel anxious or avoidant around relationships, this lack of safety and security can translate to fear of commitment and hesitation around getting into a relationship."

Is this you? Are you hesidating?

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