6 Questionable Things We Did At The Beginning of the Pandemic

Father and daughter baking at table in kitchen

Photo: Getty Images

Let's set the scene. It's March 2020. We're all stuck at home with nothing to do. We start behaving...strangely. Doing things we've never done before. Taking on tasks we have no experience with. Becoming a version of ourselves we do not recognize.

These are some of the things we obsessed over when "unprecedented times" was a new term.

  1. Drive-by Celebrations: For graduations, birthdays, proposals, baby showers...you name it, we were driving around the block to celebrate.
  2. Baking, mostly bread: Suddenly everyone summoned the power Ina Garten, Rachel Ray, and the Cake Boss. All of our bread escapades even led to a national flour shortage.
  3. Tiger King: Girl..........yikes. We went absolutely feral for that show. 64 million households tuned in to season 1. A really dark part of our past. We need to learn from that.
  4. Hand Washing Tutorials: Honestly, the first red flag of this whole thing should've been that no one knew how to wash their hands. Baby if you need a 20 second song to help you clean your hands after the bathroom then you shouldn't be leaving the house anyway.
  5. Photos of Deserted Places: Actually idk why this is on the list because it was pretty interesting to see Time Square and Disney World totally empty. But also a little creepy.
  6. Disinfecting Our Mail: Jail. Immediately. You have to admit, even if you did this, it was a lot. And literally no one told us to do that.

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